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Thomas Yohannan

The Future of the U.S. is Municipal Broadband

Recent news of Gabriel Stricker returning to Google to lead policy and communications for Fiber has me quite excited about the future of broadband in the U.S. since it means … Continue reading

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PC’s Aren’t Going Anywhere in The Enterprise

Alex Wilhelm wrote a piece today on the relationship of Windows 10 and its possible dampening effect on the PC market. The case can be made that Windows 10 won’t … Continue reading

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A Microsoft-sized Opportunity: Payment Processing

republished from MobilePaymentsToday. In March, Microsoft introduced a “tap-to-pay” feature that will be in its forthcoming Windows 10 for phones and small tablets (a.k.a. “Windows Mobile”), which would support Host … Continue reading

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Data and the Enforcement of its Boundaries

republished from Data storage is increasingly becoming cheaper beyond human intervention. With the recent IPO of the online storage provider, Box, and the threat of cyber security attacks, a … Continue reading

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Blackhat for Hire

Blackhat is finally in theaters to portray a new type of war that’s being waged – cybersecurity wars. Add a few explosions, car chases and an A-list actor and you … Continue reading

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FCC: “Commercially Reasonable” Broadband Rates?

republished from Net neutrality is a big issue as the broadband spectrum is becoming increasingly valuable. There is only so much spectrum and most of it is being used … Continue reading

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Respatialization of Currency: Cryptocurrencies & Mesh Networks

republished from MobilePaymentsToday Proximity messenger applications nowadays are being used for all types of social science experiences from dating (e.g. Tinder) to networking (e.g. Spiral). These apps have all the … Continue reading

November, 2014 · Leave a comment

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