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Month: August 2009

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1. Best World News Websites. 2. Podcasts by bestselling authors. 3. “Men who are anxious to win the favour of a Prince nearly always follow the custom of presenting themselves to him with the possession they value the most…so we often see princes given horses, weapons, cloth of gold, precious stones, and similar ornaments worthy of their high position…. I […]

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Say No to Drugs?

Neuro-enhancers have been used and abused for the past decade.  Each decade seemed to have its own drug of choice: 1960’s (marijuana); 1970’s (cocaine); 1980’s (crack); 1990’s (ecstasy).  What seems to have had a hidden prevalence in the past decade is prescription drugs.  These drugs, while illegal without a prescription, are more socially acceptable yet have created an irresponsible group […]

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Federal Reserve Note

There is growing sentiment that the Federal Reserve, a quasi-governmental branch, should be dismantled.  It’s response to the economic crisis has been mixed.  Most likely because there is no way to truly judge how well the Fed responded to a crisis that no human could fix.

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The Death of Macho

Men are being disproportionately affected by the recession.  There have been recent studies that found that women make better managers.  The current economy may lend a hammer for competent women to break through the glass ceiling.