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Month: March 2011

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How much does Netflix spend on postage for each DVD shipped?

My answer on Quora 44 cents Netflix pays this amount to avoid the automated letter processing for DVD return mailers.  It seems quite low but there are a few reasons for this: 1- Netflix sleeves are bright red so that Mr.Postman can easily discern the product. 2- Square sleeve…again easily discernible. 3- Netflix has 58 shipping locations which reduces shipping […]

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Why is Netflix acquiring rights to exclusive original programming (“House of Cards”)?

My answer on Quora [Privatize Content] Netflix has been at the vanguard of the streaming video movement.  When Netflix decided to offer video streaming in 2008, there was no need for exclusive content.  Today, competition from the likes of Amazon (remember that Netflix video streaming runs on Amazon Web Services) and Facebook (exclusive deal to stream Warner Bros.’ ‘The Dark […]

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1. age of accomplishment 2. riding giants 3. “In the range of invention…the man of today is nearer to being a god than at any time in history. Yet never was he less godlike. He accepts and utilizes the miraculous gifts of science unquestioningly: he is without wonder, without awe, reverence, zest, vitality or joy. He draws no conclusions from […]