An Ingredient for Targeted Mobile Advertising

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Brand marketers are always trying to get the word out to their consumers in whatever medium allows the most penetration. Finding the right avenue that reaches the right demographic is key to successful advertising.

With the evolution of mobile advertising, marketers have the ability to captivate new audiences through the use of smart devices. While mobile advertising has come a long way, it still needs the right recipe when it comes to capturing specific target audiences. Mobile devices are quite personal to each of us, but it’s hard to create targeted advertising on a mobile device since cookies can’t be stored to gain access to the user’s identity. While anonymity is preserved, marketers are still able to use mobile advertising to reach a larger audience than ever before.

Think of the fact that Facebook had zero revenue come from mobile ads a year ago and now it’s a billion dollar market in the U.S. alone! However, Facebook is different because each user has their own profile. Mobile advertising through other mediums lack any sort of identity. When you place an ad unit on a device, there is no way to truly understand who the person is on the recieving end of the ad. With the advent of geo-location and the use of social history from the likes of Facebook, advertising models will begin to better cater to users.

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, U.S. mobile advertising revenues increased by 111% in 2012 to hit $3.4 billion. eMarketer expects mobile advertising spending to rise by 100% in 2013 and 54% in 2014. Even though mobile advertising is growing quickly, it won’t be truly effective until marketers can zero in on a demographic and offer a truly outstanding experience. Meetings and events could be the missing ingredient for truly targeted mobile advertising.

The introduction of targeted advertising at meetings and events can build a true connection to a relevant audience. Marketers will know, in a general sense, what the makeup of the audience is based on the industry and subject matter of the event. At the very least, marketers can use mobile advertising to spark conversations and increase the brand’s impact. The combination of brand marketing and digital media in meetings and events will allow marketers to create a more authentic, targeted experience where data can be used to turn anonymous users into individual consumers.

Imagine if mobile advertisers use meetings and events to offer meaningful, relevant content that can be pushed through mobile advertising. The meetings and events industry can create a mass of consumers who may be interested in advertising experiences that are more enjoyable and related to the topic at hand.

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