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Cost Per Engagement (CPE)

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Brian Wong, CEO @ Kiip gave a great interview about the future of mobile advertising. He believes that advertising is going to shift towards consumption of moments. Moments from his point of view is moments of achievement like claiming a reward in a mobile app. By creating engagement mechanisms so that each moment is made to matter there will be value created in the moment. For those who do it correctly, an advertiser can become a part of people’s lives when these achievements are reached.

One metric which Brian believes to be the driver behind the Kiip advertising model is Cost Per Engagement (CPE). The shift in the business marketing model to CPE will be from Cost Per Impression (CPM). The basic difference between the CPM and CPE model is that, in CPE model, the impressions are free. When you involve an advertiser in a Cost per Engagement model, the advertiser will pay only when a user engages with the advertisement. Engagement is something, which the advertisers and the publisher have to sit together and decide on but Kiip believes ‘moments’ will play well into the equation.

Aren’t meetings technology and mobile apps all about adding value and consuming in a series of moments as well? Meetings and events create value in the moment whether that be a day or multi-day conference. Through the use of technology, a planner is able to know more about what their attendees are doing and in exactly what kind of environment they are doing so. Meetings technology can foreseeably added the marketer to sell through a CPE model in that meetings encompass an audience that comes together to consume relevant content in the moment. The question is whether CPE will catch on for marketers so that they will buy a unique moment such as a meeting or event. I believe it will since the mantra of a marketer as well as a meeting planner is to make people’s lives better.

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