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FoxBusiness: Amazon Ring Users Shouldn’t Cut the Cord Too Soon

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Homeowners should seek more details on an Amazon worker’s claim that Ring security devices threaten their privacy before disconnecting them, experts say.

Just days after an engineer working for the shopping behemoth took a swipe at the home security company Ring citing privacy concerns, digital forensic expert Philip Rosenthal told FOX Business that consumers may be “too quick to convict a device.”

“It’s not always as bad as it is made out to be,” Rosenthal said.


In a blog post published on Sunday by advocacy group Amazon Employees for Climate Justice, an engineer working for the shopping behemoth took a swipe at the home security company, saying Ring should be “shut down immediately. ”

“The deployment of connected home security cameras that allow footage to be queried centrally are simply not compatible with a free society,” wrote Max Eliaser. “The privacy issues are not fixable with regulation and there is no balance that can be struck. Ring should be shut down immediately and not brought back.”

Ring is a security device company best known for its doorbell that allows homeowners to see, talk and record those who come to their doorstep.

The company has also come under scrutiny in recent months after a slew of recent hacking attempts on its security cameras used by millions all over the country, stoking fears among consumers. In January, Ring admitted to firing four employees for abusing their ability to view customers’ video feeds in a Jan. 6 letter to five Democratic U.S. senators.

However, Rosenthal said consumers need to know why the engineer is worried in detail so they can make an “informed decision” on how to proceed.

The engineer should “publish a white paper exploiting exactly what he has discovered in detail in order for people to make their own informed decisions,” Rosenthal added.

A white paper is a report or guide that informs readers about a complex issue.

Experts say the post comes as companies are increasingly weighing the “drive for profit versus the privacy and liberties of an individual.”

“While companies have policies to ensure privacy and security of personally identifiable information (PII), employees also have a unique understanding of the product strategy,” Thomas Yohannan, business development at Digital DNA Group, a forensic technology company, told FOX Busines.

Amazon and Ring have not immediately responded to FOX Business’ request for comment.

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