Data Shred Ahead of May 25th: [the GDPR Series (12)]

Summary: Data shredding should be one of the key components of an organisation’s plan for remaining GDPR compliant. Companies looking to skip GDPR compliance can

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Watch out for the Opt Out: [the GDPR Series (11)]

Summary: The transition from “opt-out” to “opt-in” consent will affect the close and delight states of the marketing lifecycle. GDPR’s “opt-in” clause to hit marketing


Don’t Forget about Privacy Policies: [the GDPR Series (10)]

Summary: Privacy policies will become more simplified and transparent as organizations comply with the GDPR Articles 12, 13 & 14. Compliance with GDPR should start

EU-US Privacy Shield

Don’t Get Fooled by the Shield: [the GDPR Series (9)]

Summary: When speaking about the GDPR, the EU-US Privacy Shield should only be used as a framework or tool as it is meant to focus


More Four Letter Words: GDPR & ITSM: [the GDPR Series (8)]

Summary: It is essential that all members of the ITSM team are provided with specific awareness, education and training in GDPR and its implication to

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