Can International Partnerships Be Regulated? [the GDPR Series (17)]

Article excerpts from a forthcoming book – 99 Articles on the GDPR Summary: Yes through business-to-business agreements that state necessary steps and consequences for non-compliance to

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Does UK Data Privacy End with Brexit: [the GDPR Series (16)]

Summary: No. By complying with the GDPR, UK organizations will be in compliance before and after Brexit. Brexit Day is on March 29, 2019 Brexit will


Data Processing Addendums [DPA’s]: [the GDPR Series (15)]

Third party compliance is a critical element for an organisation to be completely GDPR compliant Data Processing Addendums (DPA) is necessary to ensure compliance throughout


How Can I Add Value? (Customer Contact Centers): [the GDPR Series (14)]

Summary: A focus on customer contact centers and GDPR can allow businesses to build strong bonds of trust and drive incremental revenue streams and ultimately

72 Hours

The 3 Day Rule [Article 33]: [the GDPR Series (13)]

Summary: The 72-hour breach reporting requirement will require coordination between people, process & technology for success in the EU and abroad. Article 33 of the


Data Shred Ahead of May 25th: [the GDPR Series (12)]

Summary: Data shredding should be one of the key components of an organisation’s plan for remaining GDPR compliant. Companies looking to skip GDPR compliance can

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