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“The quantity of money passing through Macau exceeds that of Las Vegas five times over.” Wikipedia: Macau, also spelled Macao, is one of the two special administrative regions of the People’s Republic of China. →

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Legal Paralysis

“Democracy is basically run by dead people. We elect new representatives, but society is run by policy ideas and political deals from decades ago.”   Wikipedia: Democracy is an egalitarian form of government in which all the citizens of a nation together determine public policy, the laws and the actions of their state, requiring that…

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Damodoran’s valuation of Facebook. Wikipedia: valuation definition: the act or process of valuing; ”’specifically”’. →

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Peter Thiel talks with Fukuyama about politics, education and innovation. Wikipedia: talk definition: to deliver or express in speech. →

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The role of brands in human culture. Wikipedia: brand definition: a charred piece of wood. →

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Ron Paul

An all to rare illustration that it’s possible to make a point without demonizing people who have a different point of view. Wikipedia: illustration definition: the action of illustrating. →

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