Does Windows Have Us at Hello?

It’s been a good few years for Microsoft. The company has made a real turnaround with Satya Nadella at the helm. He’s not only helped to focus the company back to its roots, the enterprise, but also helped give the consumer insight into the direction that Microsoft will be heading when it comes to security.…

Square Beats on First Earnings Report

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What to Expect from Square’s First Earnings Report

republished from MobilePaymentsToday. Moving beyond the question of staying private and going public, companies such as Square need to appreciate the responsibility of constant innovation and fiscal responsibility. Recent stock market volatility has raised plenty of questions surrounding the technology sector’s growth with companies such as LinkedIn losing massive value in a matter of hours.…

Future of the US is Municipal Broadband

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Blackhat for Hire

Blackhat is finally in theaters to portray a new type of war that’s being waged – cybersecurity wars. Add a few explosions, car chases and an A-list actor and you have a Hollywood movie expecting to portray a fundamentally boring exercise, cyberhacking, in an exciting way. Although, the movie does raise an interesting proposition of…

Black Hat Hacking For Hire

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