Respatialization of Currency: Cryptocurrencies & Mesh Networks

republished from MobilePaymentsToday Proximity messenger applications nowadays are being used for all types of social science experiences from dating (e.g. Tinder) to networking (e.g. Spiral). These apps have all the buzzwords that investors look at for being social, mobile and local. As a result, valuations are becoming loftier as customers sign up and more features…

Cryptocurrencies & mesh networks

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Canada’s Anti-Spam Law

If you have used email at all in your life, a constant burden that you’d have to deal with over the years is spam. ‘Spam’ are those advertising messages that come into your inbox from marketers. They are sometimes relevant but on the whole they are more of an annoyance to your daily schedule. To…

Fortress Model of Security Broken

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Three Dimensional IP.

republished from Three dimensional printing is starting to have its moment in the spotlight. The more I learn about technology and science, the more I can’t help but think that Star Trek wasn’t too far off when the replicator could make things from no-things. Although 3D printing is its nascent stages, there are quite…

Data Center Patents are Next Frontier

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Required: A Sense of Humor

republished from business2community Why is it that a sense of humor is such a desired trait in an employee? If you spend any time sifting through a company’s job board, you’ll find humor is just as important as having actual, relevant skill in a subject matter. I wondered if making people laugh is a desired…

canada anti spam law summary

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Why I Joined Cisco Security

I’m excited to start a new chapter in my career. I’ll be joining Cisco to do Business Development within the Security Business Group (SBG). It’s quite an exciting time at Cisco as the cybersecurity market is expected to hit $77 billion this year and the SBG is becoming a leader in the space as well…

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