Traces of the Madoff Scandal

Bernie Madoff had constructed an elaborate life yet never could have realized the loneliness that would grip his wife, Ruth Madoff, when the economics of

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1. Life Is A Theater and thus should always be performed before an audience. 2. The high-tech law firm of Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati

Our Lives Are Becoming More Finite

Yann Arthus-Bertrand has created a free movie which was released on June 5 that captures our all-too-short lives. His websites, and, is an

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Law firms have been shrinking due to a lack of work. These firms were “nudged” to offer ever-increasing salaries to its associates to keep up


Click here for more details 1. The not-so-silent minority. 2. This is a great lecture on social networking.

$172 Billion in Debt

General Motors, an icon of American culture, declared bankruptcy today. The company will be spun off into the new GM and the old GM. The

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