Future of the US is Municipal Broadband - Square

What to Expect from Square’s First Earnings Report

republished from MobilePaymentsToday. Moving beyond the question of staying private and going public, companies such as Square need to appreciate the responsibility of constant innovation

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Enforcement of its Boundaries - microsoft

A Microsoft-sized Opportunity: Payment Processing

republished from MobilePaymentsToday. In March, Microsoft introduced a “tap-to-pay” feature that will be in its forthcoming Windows 10 for phones and small tablets (a.k.a. “Windows

Cryptocurrencies & mesh networks

Respatialization of Currency: Cryptocurrencies & Mesh Networks

republished from MobilePaymentsToday Proximity messenger applications nowadays are being used for all types of social science experiences from dating (e.g. Tinder) to networking (e.g. Spiral).

Can WhatsApp become the American version of WeChat?

Introduction Aaron Levie, CEO of Box, tweeted recently that the “internet is crazy and exciting all at once.” This comment was made in light of the

Field Report from Burning Man

The Internet of Everything and Payment by Things

republished from MobilePaymentsToday At the present moment, mobile payments are thought of as mostly a payment system through the use of mobile phones. These phones

Government Payments

As a result of the recent IRS scandal, I am pretty sure credit card charges for government employees will draw extra scrutiny. There are some

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